Top Five Artikels, Five Verbs and German Number in Just Few Minutes

In the German Language, almost all Alcoholic Drinks use Artikel Der. As for Example, Der Jägermeister.

We have Learned how to count German Number from One to Twenty. In this part, we will learn from 21 to 30. The technique is simple. We tell the last number at first then we add ”und” and then the first number. As for example, 21, we will tell Ein+und+zwanzig. Remember, when we only use 1 then we tell ‘Eins’ but when using 1 with others we tell ‘Ein’.

Later, we have disscussed, Artikell ‘Das’. In the German Language, we use for ”Buch’, ‘Kind’, ‘Mädchen’, ‘Hähnchen’ and ‘Wasser’ Artikel ‘Das’.

Later, we have disscussed five important German Words with Bangla Pronunciations.

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