How to learn German Nominativ, Akkusativ and Aussprache of “ei”, “ai” and J.

In this part, we have discussed the very important part of German Grammar Nominativ and Akkusativ. Before starting, to know the Artikel Der, Die and Das is very important. Without this it is not possible to understand four case of German Grammar.

A German sentence normally contains one subject which we call Nominativ. A sentence may also contain two Subject. As for example,

Ich bin ein Lehrer. Here “Ich“is a pronomen and subject and ein Lehrer is also a subject. We find Pronomen as Der Tisch, Die Frau or Das Mädchen. If we ask with „Wer“ we found the Pronomen.

More than 90% of German sentences contain an Objective which we called Akkusativ. It has a special form for the Artikel Der, Die and Das. As for example,
Das Mädchen trinkt den Kakao.
So, if ask with was or wen then we find Akkusativ. For an example,
Was trinkt das Mädchen? The answer will be „Den Kakao”

Later, we have discussed the pronunciations technique of “ai” and “ei” and both of them are pronounced like the English “EYE” as for example “Eis” and “Mai”

Later we have given the homework for the practice of pronunciations. Try to Write in Bangla and send us in our comment box. We will make that correct.

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