Finding Part Time Jobs in Germany (Part Two)

From our personal experience, it is not difficult to find a student job in Germany. Only what you need is, to able to answer some basic questions in the German Language. We are not demotivating you to German language but we want to say that, when your German Language level is really in basic level but still you are looking for a job then this video will help you lot.

The basic questions could be the following,

  1. Wie heißen Sie? Or Wie ist Ihr Name? (What is your name?)
  2. Woher kommen Sie? (Where are from?)
  3. Wo studieren Sie? (Where do you study?)
  4. Wo wohnen Sie? (Where do you live?)

Besides, all German Application contains almost same information which you need to be filled up.

  1. Vormane: First Name
  2. Nachname: Last Name
  3. Gerburtsdatum: Date of Birth
  4. Geburtsort: Place of death
  5. Land: Country
  6. Geschlecht: Gender:
    Mannlich=Male/ Weiblich=Female
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