About Us and Myself

The Big bird of Turkish Airlines was running slowly on the runway of Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport. Slowly I was stepping mine to the next future of my life which was completely unknown to me. 

The life of Germany, Language, study and Job, everything. That moment was like that, I was going to born again. Still, I can listen to the voice of my mother. The Turkish Airline’s Big Bird took the energy to fly. Me too!! We were flown. My mom’s voice remained in the ether of Dhaka. After the first time 16 hours journey, I stepped on the Frankfurt Airport. Neither the face nor the language I could I understand! My new life in Germany began. 

The very first expression of another Bangladeshi was, ‘Oh my brother! Life is so difficult. We did not have a job. 

Why you are here?’I was so panicked. My best friend Shetu was not here in Germany at that moment. I was completely alone. Just fifteen days later, Shetu managed a job for me. 

We wake up early in the morning at 4 am and ran for the Buss. It was far far away from my dormitory. 

I went there in dark and came back when also everywhere was dark. I experienced for the first time -25 Degree Celcius temperature. I did not die:). I was reborn again. 

I attempted for the German Langauge basic level and I quit because of ‘Der, Die and Das’. I searched two years whole, day-night and the found one. I learned German Artikel. Yes, the most difficult part of German Artikel even when I asked there was also no answer or ‘Ich weiß es nicht, warum ‘der’ ist! I never quit! Searched and found the answer and the learned.

I spent a lot of time and finished level C1. I worked with the vocational training center (Ausbildungscampus Stuttgart), organized teachers, made all the class schedule and set up new data. I also helped the refugees to make their Biodata, found out the job and advised. I have been now working with ‘Flüchtlingsrat BW” which advices all the sub volunteer organization.


I wrote regularly in the facebook group and I answered too. 

When I found, the way of help was not on the standard what I meant, I quit. It was a cherished dream to help the student who wants to come and build their future in Germany. 


Last year, my beloved wife Shahlima Akhter started her master program. Then we planned to help for the International Students. With all gathered experiences and We are here to help you all. Any question? Check out our all video tutorials from youtube channel. Subscribe to have a new video. Need any consultancy? Register yourself and send us Information.